It's been ages, and I've been lazy. 

Let me clarify on the 'lazy' bit. I've not been lazy as in laying about doing nothing, I've been lazy about blogging and posting new work on my site. I've been super crazy busy with work and our new exciting fun life back in Denver! 

I'm a full time Graphic Artist for Whole Foods Market, and so I've stopped (for now), doing any freelance work as I simply don't have the time. 

I am however, still doing art and photography and plan to continue posting new work to my site. 

Thanks for sticking around, and check back for more work. 

Thanks ~khh


Valentine's Day and more...

My most recent design job, I designed this image for Nina Forrest, an amazing jeweler and artist here in Albuquerque. She used this on her website and in an e-newsletter. Check out her beautiful work here

Also, the big news is that my husband and I are moving back to Denver! We are both thrilled to be moving back to our home. That being said, I'm now looking for a Graphic Design job in Denver, so... if anyone knows of anything, (wink-wink). 

Thank you to everyone for your support! I'll keep you posted :D



Nina Forrest - 2014 Valentine's Day sale

Nina Forrest - 2014 Valentine's Day sale

Most Recent Project

I just finished up working on this fun little invitation for a local client. I think they came out rather nice, but more importantly the client liked them! 

Please visit my Graphic Design page for a full image of these invitations. 

I have several more projects in the pipe-line, hopefully I'll have a chance to work with all these clients!



  • Sehnsucht is a German noun translated as "longing", "yearning", or "craving", or in a wider sense a type of "intensely missing". However, Sehnsucht is difficult to translate adequately and describes a deep emotional state. Wikipedia

An ongoing theme in my work, particularly my photography is "old" stuff. Things that make you think, make you remember, or imagine. Sehnsucht is a perfect word to describe what I feel when I visit an old place. 

One of my favorite quotes ever was from a Dr. Who episode from 2007: 

Kathy Nightingale: What did you come here for anyway?

Sally Sparrow: I love old things. They make me feel sad.

Kathy Nightingale: What's good about sad?

Sally Sparrow: It's happy for deep people.

Found on IMDB;


2009 - St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Sehnsucht 

2009 - St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Sehnsucht 

Georgia Oct 2013

We recently got back from a trip to Georgia for my sister's wedding. I had never been to Georgia, other than a couple of layovers at the airport in Atlanta. My sister moved there a few months ago, and despite her telling me how beautiful it was, I wasn't really prepared for exactly HOW beautiful it really is, or how haunting and eerie it is, (which makes me even more fond of it.)

On every trip I take, I look forward to how a place will change me. I want places to get inside me, and make me look at things differently. I especially like old places, places with lots of "souls" and memories, good and bad. I love it when a place truly changes how I think about things. Georgia is one of those places. 

Marietta, Georgia. Confederate Cemetery 

Marietta, Georgia. Confederate Cemetery 


Last weekend we took a road trip with my Dad to Aspen, CO. 

Aspen is an inspiring, living fairy-tale. From the Victorian architecture, green meadows, rivers, flowers, brooks and streams running through the streets and the front yards of many of the homes, 14K foot mountain peaks, seemingly endless bicycle trails... your never at a loss for a scenic view or fun things to do.

Click link below to visit my facebook page for more photos of our trip. 



a day in santa fe

Yesterday Timo and I rode the Rail Runner to Santa Fe and spent the majority of the day walking around and enjoying the rainy, cool, cloudy, beautiful town.  

Santa Fe is already a quirky and beautiful place, but with all the rain we've been having and the dark cloudy skies yesterday, it was even more stunning and magical than I've seen it in years.  

The trees and plants were vivid with bright greens and flowers of all colors a beautiful contrast to the adobe brown. Even the normally unnoticeable and neutral adobe was a deep, rich brown, wet and alive.  

We had a lovely day, replete with life from the rain, and inspiration from seeing something old, something I've seen a million times, with a fresh eye.

It is incredible what the rain will wash away and reveal.  



I launched my facebook page yesterday, and wow! Almost 40 likes in the first 24 hours! Not bad!


I've been familiar with and a fan of Banksy for quite some time. I'd love to walk down a city street or drive a country road and run across something completely incongruent with the surroundings. The thing I love, or I should say, one of the things I love about Banksy is how his work is unrecognizable as anything out of the ordinary, until you take a moment to stop and look, and realize HOW out of the ordinary it is. It blends in until that split second you realize; wait... is that...? 

In case you're not familiar with Banksy here is a link to his site


One of my favorite things in the world is to find a beautiful or interesting insect. A few evenings ago we were lucky enough to run across this beauty on our window. She was a little over an inch from her head to the edge of her wings. The detail is incredible, and I loved how she's fuzzy and furry like a stuffed animal! I especially love the fringe around the edges of her wings. 

From what I can find, she's called Hyparpax aurora, BUT all the images I can find are slightly different, not as intricate or delicate. I'll keep looking, but what is interesting, is she's not typically in New Mexico, I think our recent rains have somehow brought her here, maybe from Texas. 

Anyway, I'm glad she was here, and decided to hang-out on our window.  

6, August 2013 update

Lea found more info on the moth! She's NOT Hyparpax aurora, which I did suspect because as I mentioned the images were not the same. The scientific name was Erythroecia suavis, but has been changed to Psectrotarsia suavis, commonly known as The Pink Spotted Flower Moth. Here is the link with photos Psectrotarsia suavis  

Psectrotarsia suavis

Psectrotarsia suavis

I know...

... it's been a while. It has been a busy summer and distractions from posting in my blog have overcome.  

We had a great trip to Denver, Colorado and I got some good photos which I'm going to post soon.

I've also had an opportunity to model twice for a local boutique, Elsa Ross, this summer and it has been a fun experience being on the other side of the lens, both still cameras and TV cameras! There's nothing like having someone do your hair and make-up and getting to wear expensive stunning clothes!

Today we went to the botanical gardens, and it truly was a nice respite from the hot, dry, and brown that is Abq. The Japanese Zen Garden was lovely, and the new dragonfly preserve is beautiful and relaxing. 

I keep thinking that "once things settle down" I'll have a chance to post more on the site, more blogging, and more art will come. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  



Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese Zen Garden

First Week

After one week and just over 100 visits to my site I'm really enjoying some of the feedback and suggestions I've received.

Someone found a typo for me, (thank you), and another suggested looking more into the fonts and how they render on different devices. Apparently the fonts on this site are not consistent when viewed using a Linux or Android OS, but there may be a way to fix that in the CSS. I'll have to play around with that, hopefully with some guidance from said person, (wink). 

I do look forward to more input so I can continue to improve my site.  

Thank you!